Return :: Adventures

Hey folks,

This post marks the return after an unanticipatedly lengthy hiatus of this little blog. We are now back, bigger and stronger than ever, and with lots of new work to reveal. Kicking it off with this. Hold tight and enjoy the ride!

Photographed and styled by weareadventurers

Model: Scarlet

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I ♥ London

I ♥ London. Had such a great time being back over there that I had to snap this one of Sonia, just so I didnt forget it.

Apologies for the absence around here...been lots going on. Since returning from my UK visit ive been preoccupied relocating Weareadventurers HQ interstate from Melbourne to Sydney. As the move approaches completion I can soon stop living out of a suitcase (which ive been doing since mid October 2010!) This means lots more work to be revealed here soon! Stay tuned.

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Weareadventurers on Ben Trovato

Happy 2011 Adventurers. This year has already started with
a BANG for me, with multiple shoots back in my old stomping ground,
London Town. Things have been so crazy here I almost forgot to post
this: one of my major sources on online fashion inspiration that I
adore consuming and have huge respect for, The Ben Trovato Blog,
just featured some of my work (thanks so much dude!)

I'm giving my first London Workshop tomorrow which I'm hugely
excited about. I've a lot of great stuff in store for this one;)
then a few more shoots over the weekend and back to the Land of Oz
Sunday night. That is what's known as a BANG.

Adventures in Lighting: London Workshop

Hello there adventurers

I’m winding down for the year and preparing myself for the Long Haul back to the UK next week where I shall be for the festive period. I just wanted to let you guys know about a very special workshop I shall be running in London on the 7th January in my old stomping ground. There are only 6 spaces available and at the time of writing only 3 remain. If you want in on the action shoot me an email at info at weareadventurers dot com. Details below.

Have a Merry Christmas gang and stay safe. 2011 gonna be splendid.

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Hey gang.

There has been a long silence here which unfortunately couldn’t be helped- things have been a little crazy here in Adventure Land of late. Last thing you saw was probably TOKYOG: my attempt to publish daily Instax images from Tokyo which was ticking along nicely for a good 8 days then I had to bail due to basically too much on my plate.

I returned from ToKyo to Melbourne, washed some clothes, packed a suitcase, then was off to Sydney the next day. Been here two weeks now and loving it. In fact this is the place ill be calling ‘home’ from now on. So yeh...I’ve been living out of a suitcase, moving around Sydney, crazy times. But now I’m finding my new rhythm...I wanted to get back in here with those missing instax shots I failed to post.

Trouble is I ended up shooting so much Instax in Tokyo I didn’t know what to do with it. You may recall my Instax Wall I shared with you a while back. Yeh, they will go up there for sure. But I wanted to replicate this online, I just wasn’t sure how I wanted it to be represented visually. Then I remembered that awesome Tumblr template I mentioned when talking about Inspiration. And that just seemed perfect for the job.

So here are all my Tokyo Instax shots in all their glory:


Hope you guys enjoy looking at these as much as I enjoyed taking them!

See you soon.

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