Sex & God

I kicked off 2013 with my first visit to Tasmania and fell in love with the place. Here are a few favourite images.

The beautiful Freycinet National Park

God's space

Visitors @ MONA

Instalation @ MONA

Early morning, Diamond Island

Swimming Hobbit

Hobart @ dusk

Fabulous view from Mount Wellington




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Last Living Rose II

Above spreads from my 'Last Living Rose' editorial shot for XO Magazine at the end of 2011. It was one of my favourite shoots of the year!


Photography// weareadventurers

Model// Tessa @ Vivians

Styling// Samantha Denise @

 Makeup// Kristian Low @

Hair// Koh @


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DMJ Sessions

Earlier this month I was invited to photograph the DMJ Sessions- community events hosted by Desmond and Molly Jones hairdressers. They showcased emerging Sydney talent in music, art & food, featuring sets by FBI’s DJ Xanno, singer-songwriter Andy BullPalms among others. I cant say ive ever shot a gig in hairdressers before, but they were definately great fun! Check out some photos from the events below.


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Hollywood Summer

The awesome guys over on the Ben Trovato Blog have just run a story I shot recently. If you don't know BTV I highly recommend you check it out, its an awesome source of inspiration and constantly featuring kick-ass new talent. And in case you missed it first time round, heres my first feature on BTB…my it feels so long ago now!



Photography// weareadventurers

Model// Eilika @ EMG

Styling// Samantha Denise 

 Makeup// Kristian Low 

Hair// Linh Nguyen


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Hey gang.

There has been a long silence here which unfortunately couldn’t be helped- things have been a little crazy here in Adventure Land of late. Last thing you saw was probably TOKYOG: my attempt to publish daily Instax images from Tokyo which was ticking along nicely for a good 8 days then I had to bail due to basically too much on my plate.

I returned from ToKyo to Melbourne, washed some clothes, packed a suitcase, then was off to Sydney the next day. Been here two weeks now and loving it. In fact this is the place ill be calling ‘home’ from now on. So yeh...I’ve been living out of a suitcase, moving around Sydney, crazy times. But now I’m finding my new rhythm...I wanted to get back in here with those missing instax shots I failed to post.

Trouble is I ended up shooting so much Instax in Tokyo I didn’t know what to do with it. You may recall my Instax Wall I shared with you a while back. Yeh, they will go up there for sure. But I wanted to replicate this online, I just wasn’t sure how I wanted it to be represented visually. Then I remembered that awesome Tumblr template I mentioned when talking about Inspiration. And that just seemed perfect for the job.

So here are all my Tokyo Instax shots in all their glory:


Hope you guys enjoy looking at these as much as I enjoyed taking them!

See you soon.

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