Instax Gratification

Over the weekend I got my paws on my favourite new camera- the FUJIFILM INSTAX MINI. These things are just so much fun! Seriously, anyone who even remotely enjoys taking pictures needs to get one. They have the same appeal as polaroids, with the exception that you can actually get film without having to sell an organ! INSTAX FILM is about a $1 per shot, delivered as a perfect credit card sized photo.

Since I got it weve been shooting all sorts of random crap and now we have run out of film! With all the photos lying around we started a growing photo wall in our kitchen for everyone to see what weve been up to. Its still in its incancy but im sure it will be huge before long! Stay tuned for updates.

For any Strobists reading, here is the geeky bit...I thought I would share the set up shot with you. This is a really simple technique for great product shots- 3 speedlites fired via radio triggers, diffused by A4 sheets of paper. Simples!

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