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Hey folks,

This post marks the return after an unanticipatedly lengthy hiatus of this little blog. We are now back, bigger and stronger than ever, and with lots of new work to reveal. Kicking it off with this. Hold tight and enjoy the ride!

Photographed and styled by weareadventurers

Model: Scarlet

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Adventures in Lighting: London Workshop

Hello there adventurers

I’m winding down for the year and preparing myself for the Long Haul back to the UK next week where I shall be for the festive period. I just wanted to let you guys know about a very special workshop I shall be running in London on the 7th January in my old stomping ground. There are only 6 spaces available and at the time of writing only 3 remain. If you want in on the action shoot me an email at info at weareadventurers dot com. Details below.

Have a Merry Christmas gang and stay safe. 2011 gonna be splendid.

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Goodbye Winter

Model // Jaimee @ Giant

Hair & Make-up // Monica G

Photography // weareadventurers

Shot at the awesome Aperture Studios in Melbourne - run by great guys who always take good care of you:)
Shooting winter fashion is always fun. Personally im used to the cold (hailing from chilly Scotland) but im looking forward to warmer days! Have a good weekend folks:)
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Give It Away

Hey gang. Ive been spending a bit of time recently updating my folio. Ive now got a couple 12" x 16" prints that ive nothing to do with and thought id have a bit of fun with them! Here is what we are gonna do. If you would like me to send you these prints (above) then simply write a comment telling my why you want them. On the 22nd June  I will select one comment and send the prints to that person, no matter where you live! Keep it clean and good luck!

[EDITED 22.06.10]

We have a winner!

Selected via the Random Number Generator Adventurer...both 12" x 16" prints pictured above shall soon find themselves in the hands of one very lucky Ivar Teunissen. Congrats Ivar and thank you for everyone who took the time to comment!

Stay tuned for another Print Giveaway coming soon...

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Here are a few selects from a recent editorial I shot. All just natural light with a reflector- easy! We shot a bit with strobes also but they just didn't cut it. If you are used to completely controlling you're lighting environment its good to just let go sometimes and see what happens;)

Model: Anna N, Hair/Makeup: Sara Baxter, Photography & retouching by weareadventurers

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