Straight up, if you are sick of hearing about iPads this post aint for you.

But I just got an iPad , and yeh you've heard it all before...but they are amazing! Your (probably) not gonna learn anything new here, but they are simply an awesome tool for todays photographer. From now on, this comes to every meeting, every shoot, just about everywhere I go. It has become my Creative Centre. Portfolios look amazing on the iPad, but you probably know that already. But ive also got my personal collection of inspiration on it, my RSS feeds of blogs etc I follow all come up in a glossy magazine style format, my do do list is on there, I can update my blog, Facebook, Twitter, the list goes on...

Its true...its just an oversized iPhone...but personally I find the size just perfect for being on the move vs being use-effective. In little over a week that ive owned it, I splashed out on a small fortune of Apps for the iPad. These are the ones you need: Flipboard, Dropbox, Pages, Things, Osfoora HD. Im not gonna recommend any games, those things will easily kill half a day before you know it.

Alright, enough of the Geek Fest!

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