Tokyo Photo Blogging

Hey Adventurers. Right now im about to board my flight to Japan. Aside from Tokyo being somewhere I’ve dreamt of adventuring for longer than I can remember, I’m going there specifically to shoot. You can’t imagine how excited I am at this moment. Our days will be long and we will have little (if any?) sleep. but I’m gonna attempt something I haven’t done here before.

If you are a regular here at Adventure Land, you will be aware I love my Fuji instax. Well guess what? That little baby will be coming everywhere I go in Tokyo. So here goes...I’m gonna attempt to photo blog my instax shots every day for the 2 weeks im in Tokyo.

Lets kick it off here. Due to technical difficulties (my film is packed in hold) ive had to start with an iPhone shot.

Now sit back and enjoy the ride from the comfort of your computer/mobile device.

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