In The Field- My Workflow

Right now I’m getting set to embark upon my next adventure; Tokyo, Japan. We will be shooting stills content there for 2 weeks solid. And when I say shooting, I mean every second  of every day. Its gonna be hard core. Suffice to say, this will probably be the biggest os photo trip I’ve done to date. With this in mind, I thought id share the thinking process behind my workflow strategy for working in the field.

I’m gonna be packing my 17” Mac Book Pro loaded with Aperture and Photoshop among other things. I’ll be loading captured data onto a referenced Aperture library which lives on my laptop’s HD, with all captured data stored on a Western Digital 320GB Pocket Drive. Its very portable and doesn’t require mains power, i.e. another power adapter , etc. It's a winner. I’m expecting to be capturing on average about 20GB per day for the duration of the trip.

Now I don’t get obsessed about backing up as some folks do, but I’ve had enough bad experiences to know to do it. So I’ve got Aperture creating a vault on a 2nd drive. Ill also be creating a 2nd backup to the cloud using Backblaze when we are back in the hotel each night, courtesy of my hotel WIFI. Backblaze is phenomenal at backing up your data without any worries. So much so, that you do need to check on it every month or so as you will forget its even there.

Organisation. Unless I’m super organised I can come undone pretty quick, especially in the field where im easily excited. So before leaving I’ve already organised folders within my Aperture library for each day. They look something like this:

That way I don’t fuss about organising things in the field. I just drop data from each day into pre defined locations. Overnight thats all backing up and im good to go each morning. Once ive got a coffee in my hand.

I hope some of you guys found this useful:) Feel free to share your own workflow thoughts in the comments...

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