Turn Back Time

I got a kick in the ass last week when my primary computer I do all my work on unexpectedly popped its clogs. When I took it to the Apple service centre I was told the HD was faulty and needed replacing (along with the battery and graphics card!). Everything on my HD was lost. Thanks to folk like Scott Bourne and even Nick Onken's recent post constantly reiterating the importance of backing up I put a system in place a while back to take precautions should events like these take place. 

The system I have set up is 2 separate external hard drives which mirror all my data on site. One of these drives utilises Apple's Time Machine technology, something I have used since its release to back up but never to restore. To be honest I have always been a little dubious about the effectiveness of this when you would come to depend on it. As I crossed my fingers, I finally got to try this out when my mac book pro was returned with a brand new hard drive. Impressively, using Time Machine to restore all my data I was back up and running in just over 2 hours. It was as if I my computer had never even been switched off, let alone had its hard drive replaced. It was running EXACTLY as it had been before death. I was frankly amazed about the effectiveness of this software.

In addition to backing up on site, I also use Backblaze's service to backup to the cloud, should my on site drives ever be destroyed by fire or anything unfortunate like that. With this system in place I should never be caught out...touch wood.

After I was back up and running a few days later I discovered that a friend of mines's computer had suffered a similar fate. Unfortunately for him he had never taken the time to back up. If your data is important to you folks and your not already using a backup system, make sure this is top of your list of priorities.