Gold Coast Shoot & BTS

Just got back this week from a 4 day shoot on Australia's Gold Coast with my buddy and fellow photog Chemc. I like to be shooting all the time when I can, and so we managed to put this gig together on the back end of the Christmas holiday when we would have been doing very little otherwise. The shoot was just for ourselves, and the great thing about that is we get to do exactly what we want. It was an opportunity for us to feed off each others knowledge and push ourselves to develop and refine our photographic vision.

Having a good team for these projects always helps, and having spent several weeks casting and planning, we had some awesome talent working with us. Some stats:
14 models, 3 MUAs, 1 designer, 1 Stylist, 2000+ images, 30GB+ of data.

We shoot a variety of concepts, from beach lifestyle to jungle fashion. And it was a freakin' blast.

Heres a few finished images ive retouched so far. Lighting is pretty much all natural, with one or 2 reflectors. Im totally loving this new style of shooting, something that cant often be done back in London. It also makes travelling a lot easier with less gear. Obviously I wasnt going to leave my trusty speedlights at home tho. We had a helluva lot of fun rocking those little babies also (see BTS shots below) In fact, we shot quite a lot of high speed sync, shooting at 1/8000 @ f2.8. Sweet as.

Enjoy the pics...more tc.