Further Adventures with Speedlights...

Had a fun time yesterday shooting a couple of models based here in Melbourne. Thought we would see how a bit of experimenting went down...here goes...Havnt properly processed them yet other than a quick fiddle in Aperture. Big thanks go out to Airdrie for providing styling, and Lysha for her hair & make up skills.


First up was the incredibly patient Esh. Not wanting to fight a strong mid day sun out in the open, we found a nice shaded cloister where we could let some speedlights do their thing. One SB28 on a stand on about 1/2 power zoomed to 85mm to give a bit of a kick, softened slightly by a hand held diffuser just out of the frame.


Next we moved inside to this old hallway. The light being cast through the window had a warm glow due to the orange panes of glass it was being projected through. I thought id try further accentuate this with a technique often favoured by Joe McNally- shooting through windows. One SB28 outside on a stand up high to align with the direction of the sun, full power 1 cut CTO.


Esh's pal Tori also tagged along for the shoot. Still indoors, this one was with a 60" shoot through slightly above eye level to camera right just out of frame on about 1/4 power. 2nd SB28 on about 1/4 power in front of the camera bounced into a large silver reflector for some fill.

Thats all for now, im off to process the rest of these...