New Home


Melbourne at sunset from the Rialto Tower- ©2009 weareadventurers
Hello folks.  Sorry for the long delay in posting, ive got a good excuse tho. Weve been in Melbourne for 2 weeks already and all is going well. We are still living out of a suitcase albeit a large one, although all my photography gear arrived from the UK today so I can start shooting here. We are really enjoying the vibe here in Melbourne and it is a nice change from the chaos of London. Despite being winter here its nothing compared to a UK winter, although I am jealous of the uk summer thats happening right now! Ive met some really cool people here already and have several meetings planned with agencies in Melbourne and Sydney in the coming weeks. Good times.

Anyway - I do plan to start posting again here now that things are settled down a bit. In the meantime you can  keep up to date with all my happenings over on Twitter.