"Beauty Style" Lighting Setup


Heres a quick and easy "beauty style" lighting technique which was used for the shot above. There are only 2 lights used for this look. Beauty dish above and directly in front of the model, aimed down at 45 degrees. Then place either a large softbox or an octo (used here) directly behind the model, aimed up towards the beauty dish at 45 degrees, so that the 2 lights are facing each other (see set up shot below). Lastly position a reflector just out of frame to fill in the shadows. Set the octo so it is about 1 stop below the beauty dish, just alter to your taste. This produces a nice blown out back light which wraps around the models face. Be careful not to set the power too high or you loose detail in the face. This technique can produce a little flare- in order to overcome this drag your blacks slider to the right to bring in the shadows. Try it out and let me know how you get on!

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