Your portfolio as a video

I came across Animoto a while ago. It’s an online platform for turning photos and music into professional looking videos. In other words, you use it to make cool slideshows. Matching things like tempo, beat and climactic music events, the program automates the process of animation.

You can get either free web-quality videos or pay for a subscription service that costs $99 per month. The free service is great for putting quick videos of your work together; however they can only be shared online and are not downloadable. Although the professional service allows the photographer to download and distribute the finished videos, I found it quite pricey unless you have a regular outlet for distributing and selling video content.

 Animoto have now added a pay-per-video service at $3 per full length video. For me, this now makes Animoto viable. I can throw images onto their site, choose some music and let Animoto do the rest. Not happy with the result? Just remix it. No two results are the same. Once you’re happy with it, it can be downloaded and distributed anywhere. All this for just $3! Bargain. I put this together in a matter of minutes:

If you’re looking for a cool way to quickly tell a story or show off your work, this could be the ticket. Since anyone can try the free version of Animoto, I’d encourage you to give this a try.

For more information on the Animoto service for photographers, visit their website at