Canon 5D

Im getting a new camera- it’s a Canon 5D. No, not the new one, the OLD one. Yeh, so im about 3 years behind, but who cares? Coming from a Nikon D70 its still a BIG step up! Im surprised ive managed to get away with using a D70 for this long, and im really proud of what ive managed to produce with it. Being a big strobist fan the D70’s 1/500th flash sync speed is invaluable when trying to overpower the sun, and a feature not many cameras have. However it was really starting to put a lid on my creativity, and its got a heck of a lot of miles on the clock.

In addition to stepping up to full frame format, im also making the switch from Nikon to Canon. Ive used the 5D several times and I like the results I get from it. Aswell as it being a highly regarded camera, a lot of my friends who are photographers also use Canon, which means I can borrow their lenses- this is as good a reason as any when considering which camera manufacturer to go with.

Given that people tend to be the subject of most of my work, be it fashion, beauty, lifestyle or portraiture, I have never been fully satisfied by the skin tones and general image quality produced by the D70 (I got it way back before I even got into ‘people’ photography). What the 5D produces is of a far higher quality, so if all goes well I will be sticking around in the Canon camp for some time.

Once I start shooting with it as usual I will post some images here.