Earlier this week I teamed up with my MUA friend Vanessa and did a new test for my book in Regents Park. I find testing the best way to shoot what you want, and push your creative vision for your portfolio. Most of my portfolio is made up of my tests, or personal work. It's a depiction of who I am as a photographer.

When bringing a team together to create a test it's your vision and YOU are the team leader. It's YOUR job to instil vision and motivation into your team members. You need to lead and direct, but be just as open to collaboration with your fellow crew. It's also your job to take care of your team and make sure everyone is doing alright. Getting your team together for something that is unpaid can be frustrating sometimes. Finding people that are in a similar place to you career wise also helps.

The bigger your tests get the more they will cost. Typically it's up to you if it's all your vision to fund the shoot. Sometimes that even means paying people if that's what it takes to commit. Paying to create is part of the game. Every shoot is different. The fact of the matter is do what it takes to get it done.