Test shoot for Mission

I was asked to do a test shoot for Mission Models last week with two of their freshest faces. I wasn’t given a specific brief, just to shoot a couple of different looks with each of the girls. This proved to be quite intense, shooting the girl’s back to back on rotation, but was a great time in the studio. As soon as Vanessa (my MUA) finished on the first girl, I got shooting while she started on the next!

I tried to keep the lighting set ups as simple and flexible as possible, while maintaining a flattering look for the models. I used a large soft box, and shot a combination of that as the only light source, balancing it with natural light, and occasionally throwing in a kicker light from behind.

You can see a few shots from the shoot below. Essentially I was trying to get as much variety for the models as possible to kick start their modelling portfolios, and hopefully they are both now on their way.


More pics coming soon!